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Sister Olaitan Fisher:

It all happened when I developed severe pain in my back. I went to the GP, who prescribed panadol and co-coda mol in high dosage. The pain went on and off but I knew God was with me because I serve him. I went to the hospital for about four or five times and the only thing that was done was to increase the dosage of my medication along with an x-ray that was taken; yet the doctor still found nothing amiss. When I was admitted again into the hospital, I told the staff that I was not leaving because there was definitely something causing the pain. I was admitted and my prayer that God should reveal any evil plans of the enemy behind all the pains. After the first operation (laparoscopy), I was told that my kidney was not functioning well and that I was to take other tests like CT scan, X-ray, MRI, HIV etc. I was also told that a tube in my kidney was being pressed down by lumps which they could not identify and that I was to have another operation to test the lumps (biopsy).

I was then transferred from the gynecology ward to a central ward where the operation was performed. I was discharged after this. At home, I went fasting and praying and crying to God. My pastor and his wife had assured me that they did not receive any bad revelation about me and I should hold on to God’s words. I paid attention to Gods words for it is life to my body and health to my flesh (Proverbs 4:20-22). I knew that Jesus was willing and able to help me because he paid for all my sins and sickness at Calvary. I undertook the operation (biopsy), on the lumps and was informed that it was not cancerous but they still did not know what it was. The operation was repeated a second time because they needed to take out more tissues for the test. I was discharged again.

At this stage, I had really lost weight and was still having severe pains and the drugs prescribed for me were damaging my kidneys. I was admitted again but I knew that as I looked up to God’s face, submitting to him, and resisting the devil, Satan must flee from me as well as sickness and diseases in Jesus Name. I had to have another operation (Nephrostamy) because my kidney was not functioning well as a result of the pressure caused by the lumps on my kidney tube.

My whole church, family, friends from Nigeria and America in one faith and agreement, went on three days fasting and prayers because Satan cannot be allowed to dominate and oppress my life with sickness and because Jesus came to set me free (1 John 3 V 8, Act 10 V 38). We all touched Jesus through prayer and faith. During my stay in hospital I was surrounded by children of God who lifted up my faith. I know because my faith is growing, nothing is impossible to me. I was given steroid to reduce the lump fluid I knew Jesus loyally redeemed me from the bondage of sickness and disease and every other work of the enemy. My God has given me authority in the name of Jesus to speak to all diseases and illnesses that I face to remove them and to replace them with the fullness of Gods blessings and good health. To God Be the Glory.

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One fateful afternoon, I was at home doing my chores when my body started to weaken. I thought it would only last for a few seconds. When I realised that it was serious, I eased myself to the floor as I was not able to move. I was acutely ill in hospital and doctors did not think that I would pull through. I was admitted into the intensive care of the hospital. I could not talk or even move at all. My left leg was dead! Really! I became unconscious and was unaware of my surroundings. Prior to my admission, I had collapsed at home and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. However, people later told me that all I kept saying in my unconscious state was 'Jesus is lord'!!!

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