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Intercessors Assembly (Prayer Warriors)

The prayer team consists of committed men and women of God who are saddled with the obligation of praying for the Community, the Church, as well as 'lifting up the hands of Moses (i.e. the leadership)'.

Our programmes are as follows:

  • Assemble every Friday to Pray.
  • Hold Quarterly Retreats to seek the face of God.
  • Pray for Church services.
  • Attend to prayer requests from members.
Finally, as intercessors we depend and rely on the grace of God to live holy and righteous lives.

The Intercessory Team

  • Dcns Esther Enwezor (Minister in Charge)
  • Sis Adebambo Akintunde
  • Sis Femi Smith
  • Sis Sarah Jolaosho
  • Sis Evelyn Price

Services & Events


First Service:
9:30am - 10:45am
Second Service:
11:30am - 1:30pm


Digging Deep:
7:00pm - 9:00pm

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Building Project

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Build a house for the Lord... 2 Samuel 7:13(MSG)

He will build a house to honor me and I will guarantee his kingdoms rule permanently

We invite you to build a house to honour God. Donate today towards the building of the house of God RCCG KKT.


One fateful afternoon, I was at home doing my chores when my body started to weaken. I thought it would only last for a few seconds. When I realised that it was serious, I eased myself to the floor as I was not able to move. I was acutely ill in hospital and doctors did not think that I would pull through. I was admitted into the intensive care of the hospital. I could not talk or even move at all. My left leg was dead! Really! I became unconscious and was unaware of my surroundings. Prior to my admission, I had collapsed at home and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. However, people later told me that all I kept saying in my unconscious state was 'Jesus is lord'!!!

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